Tree Work

Envirotree offer a wide range of services for the maintenance of domestic and commercial trees. Our experienced team of professionals can improve the look of your garden/grounds by cutting and pruning those untidy branches. Improve your garden, Increase light and brighten up your view! We also offer a professional felling service for trees which have come to the end of their life or are at risk from storm damage. Have that tree professionally removed and avoid a potentially costly disaster.

Working on trees is potentially lethal. Don’t risk it! Call us today and get it done by trained professionals.

Hedge Work

We do all kinds of work on border hedges and shrubs, including pruning, trimming and reshaping. No job too big, we can keep your boundary hedges maintained to the highest standards.

Grounds Maintenance

We offer all kinds of services to commercial and domestic customers who wish to keep their grounds looking immaculate. Contact us today to see what we can offer you or your company.

Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

Keep your business premises looking immaculate!

Envirotree offer bespoke maintenance contracts for business customers so your premises can project the right image to your customers and clients.



Tree work can generate a lot of waste. At Envirotree we try and recycle as much as possible so all of our waste timber is cut into logs and cured for a minimum of 12 months in our ventilated, dry wood stores.

Using timber from locally cut trees for logs is a much greener option than buying logs in from a dealer who could have had those that timber delivered from as far away as Scotland.